Alexander Material


The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Spirit Wisdom II

Spirit Wisdom II: The Enlightened Warrior's
Guide to Personal and Cultural Transformation

Alexander's newest book Spirit Wisdom II explores a broad range of subjects both timely and timeless; from a "guided tour" of the spirit realm to the gritty realities of global warming and terrorism.

Spirit Wisdom II offers the best of The Alexander Journal; but even better, the original essays have been newly reviewed, edited, and expanded by Alexander for this volume. In addition, Alexander offers new essays on subjects of timely concern, including global warming, terrorism, and polarized politics. Warning of potentially calamitous times to come as global warming and other crises become increasingly severe, Alexander takes the unusual step of outlining where and how to locate a personal "Zone of Safety," naming countries and regions likely to ride out the turmoil relatively unscathed.

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Spirit Wisdom

Spirit Wisdom:
Living Consciously in an Age of Turmoil and Transformation

An anthology of essays first published in The Alexander Journal and other publications, revised and expanded in book form, Spirit Wisdom offers Alexander's insights into a wide range of subjects: abortion; aliens and UFOs; love and sexuality; AIDS; health and healing; the death transition; cyberspace; spirituality; and much more. This is a more "practical" Alexander book because it addresses timely, earthly issues rather than pure metaphysics.

Alexander's insights into economics are especially pertinent during an era of global economic turmoil: "While capitalism is in harmony with nature's fundamental urge toward self-fulfillment, the spiritual barrenness of western culture leads its capitalist economies to violate virtually every other natural law. As we have seen, such a system cannot be sustained indefinitely and must ultimately collapse."

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Earthly Cycles

Earthly Cycles:
How Past Lives and Soul Patterns Shape Your Life

What is your life's purpose? Why are you who you are, and why were you born in this time and place? In Earthly Cycles, Alexander offers a richly detailed exploration of the cycles of life, death, and reincarnation, illuminating the hidden influences on your life.

Topics include: your soul qualities and family of consciousness; sexual orienation; relationships—why you attract certain persons into your life; the laws of karma and how to release past-life karma; the death experience; angels and spirit guides. Finally, Alexander offers guidance to living a karma-free life.

Robert F. Butts, husband and collaborator of Jane Roberts (author of the Seth Material), wrote in the Foreword: "Alexander gives fresh insights into what is probably the oldest, most basic set of questions we mortals struggle with."

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Conscious Life

Conscious Life: Creating Your Reality

Conscious Life means reclaiming the power to create the life of our dreams. Since our bodies, thoughts, and experiences are all energy, we magnetically draw to ourselves, through the power of thought, the people and events of our lives.

Alexander illuminates how consciousness blends with matter to create our experienced reality. Of key importance is the discussion of master events and probabilities, from which we magnetically pull into manifestation those events most closely aligned with our thoughts and beliefs.

Finally, Alexander gives us simple, practical techniques to harness the unlimited power of thought to attract a life filled with love, health, and abundance—a Conscious Life.

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Divine Grace

Whatever Happened to Divine Grace?

Alexander launched dictation of his first book only ten days after first making contact with Ramón Stevens. The result was a sprawling tour de force; as if Alexander endeavored to offer insights into vast and disparate areas of knowledge in one volume. Major book sections are:

Divine Grace
The Unholy Trinity: Politics, Religion and Science
The World at Large
The Ages of Life
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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