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Alexander Material

Alexander Material

The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Alexander Conscious Life

Conscious Life: Creating Your Reality

Conscious Life means reclaiming the power to create the life of our dreams. Alexander guides us step-by-step through the process of “reality creation”—explaining how consciousness manifests in physical form—then describes our power and influence over the flow of events in our lives. Yes, there are limits, but our power is great to shape the flow of events into our lives. Of key importance is the discussion of master events and probabilities, from which we magnetically pull into manifestation those events most closely aligned with our thoughts and beliefs.

Finally, Alexander empowers us to direct the flow of events in our lives using tools such as affirmation, visualization, and ritual. Alexander offers step-by-step instructions for conducting a daily “life creation session” using these tools to enhance the flow of health, abundance and love into our lives.

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E x c e r p t s

The Human Seed

Begin to step back from your picture of a physical world spread with permanent and enduring rock and sea and sky. Understand that your experience of the world is just a sliver of the full reality standing behind your perception. Realize that what you perceive is symbol. You never perceive an object in its full dimensions; you reduce it to fragments, narrow bands of vibration, crumbs of truth. You never perceive absolute reality; you only interpret it in narrow, fragmented pieces. You reduce it to symbol. In truth, your world and universe are but vast, complex, swirling fields of energy and vibration suffused with consciousness. You pick and choose a few wavelengths—visible light here, audible sound there—and interpret the greater reality in fractional, symbolic form.

The Electric Belief Screen

You never perceive absolute truth. You never perceive vibration directly. Each of your senses feeds you fragments, slivers, crumbs. These symbolic fragments are fashioned in your mind into a coherent, three-dimensional world. It is your beliefs that organize incoming sense data into a cohesive, comprehensible, stable world picture.

You never experience vibration directly. You perceive fragments, symbolic remnants of deepest truth. The only way you can navigate through the world of events is by carrying with you at all times a framework through which sense data is organized and interpreted. It is not enough to know, “What is it?” You must also know, “What does it mean?” For only after such interpretations are made can you chart a course ensuring your safety, seeking out pleasure, avoiding pain, manipulating the world to your advantage, and so on.

This level of interpretation, this organization of sense data, is the purpose of belief. The sum total of all your beliefs—most of them hidden from conscious awareness—can be considered a screen, a filter. Your belief screen acts like a computer, sifting and sorting incoming data into recognizable, manageable chunks of understanding.

Conscious Life

It is all well and good to explain physical universe construction, how human consciousness is seeded into the earthly medium, the nature of events, and the power of mind in creating one's life experiences. But how do these principles translate into everyday life? How can one utilize them to create health, wealth, and wisdom, or any other worthy goal?

The fundamental message of this book, upon which all conscious life rests, is that you create your reality through your thoughts and beliefs. To effect lasting and salubrious change, you must examine your belief system down to its very core, its most basic fundamentals. Merely changing surface beliefs by suddenly affirming their opposites—“Okay, there is no God separate and apart from me”—is insufficient to realize enduring change. You must dig deeper, past the many layers of belief built up over the centuries and inculcated from your first breath, down to the axioms upon which all religious, scientific, and social schools of thought are based.

Such work can be painful. Remember that the brain resists attempts to forge new networks of belief, for it is more efficient, and more comfortable, to process incoming data along existing neuronal corridors. A deliberate overriding of your extant belief structures will therefore meet with some initial resistance, as the brain fights altering its comfortable neuronal networks. Over time, however, as your conscious and deliberate work overrides the brain's resistance and installs a higher level of truth as your operating core vibration, you will feel an eagerness to absorb and process information along the new belief networks—for the “higher” your core vibration, the more efficiently your brain operates. And since the brain is wired to process information as efficiently as possible, it will come to welcome your explorations into higher levels of truth and understanding.


A belief hierarchy must be built from bottom to top, from the broadest core belief to those most precisely tuned to your unique situation. So an affirmation routine related to issues of abundance must begin by replacing whatever limiting beliefs you hold with those allowing the easy inflow of the earth's abundance.

Whether you are of a scientific or a traditionally religious bent—or carry a confused jumble of both—recognize how both cosmologies spring from western culture's divorce from the natural order. So whether you believe you float in a random, meaningless universe governed by natural selection and survival of the fittest; or as the damned and sinful creature of a stern, patriarchal God, the underlying core belief is similar: Humanity is separate from God, separate from nature, separate from each other. So here is where we must begin our Conscious Life Plan to increase abundance.

Love and Relationships

So often relationships are sought as a balm on the wounds of separation and isolation. The irony and tragedy is that this sense of isolation and alienation is precisely what drives people to seek the salve of love from others; and yet others, similarly haunted, can offer no genuine loving bond in return. Two isolated, unhappy souls do not together make a happy couple, for each drains the other's energy while offering little in return.

If love and relationships are a problem area for you, the time has come to stop blaming the world for producing such a reprehensible flock of cretins, unable to offer you the love and devotion you deserve, and to recognize that only from a core of true peace, contentment, and a happy outlook can you expect to draw those of similar qualities to you.

Being Peace

If you stand at a nuclear test site and defiantly raise your fists against those working there, you create war. If you join in mass rallies to protest the government's conduct of foreign relations, hurling invective at your leaders, you create war. If you stage counter-demonstrations against those espousing racial hatred, you create war. If you carry private anger and hatred toward others in your heart, you create war.

Begin to appreciate that from the contents of each heart and mind are drawn the seeds of mass experience. Your heart and your mind feed the flow of your thoughts into the pool of the collective unconscious. Examine the nature of your contribution. Where you find angers, hatreds, and resentments against other persons, other groups, other nations, you find the seeds of war.

What, then, is one to do? If one cannot scream for peace, fight for it, protest for it, write angry letters for it, what can one do? How can one lone heart help bring an end to war?

You must be peace. You must clean and purify your heart. That, ultimately, is the most powerful tool you have for ending war and ushering in peace. Not by hating war, for you thereby strengthen the pool of hatred. Not by spewing venom at warmongering leaders and generals, for again you contribute your private store of hatred to the mass pool. Only by being peace, only by loving peace, do you create peace.

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