Alexander Material

Alexander Material

Alexander Material

The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Whatever Happened to Divine Grace?

Whatever Happened To Divine Grace?

Alexander launched dictation of his first book only ten days after first making contact with Ramón Stevens. The result was a sprawling tour de force; as if Alexander endeavored to offer insights into vast and disparate areas of knowledge in one volume. Major book sections are:

Divine Grace
The Unholy Trinity: Politics, Religion and Science
The World at Large
The Ages of Life
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Divine Grace in the Physical World

How does one recognize Divine Grace? How does one know its face? And how does one know when Divine Grace has been shunted aside, betrayed, in pursuit of some less worthy goal?

Again, Divine Grace is the source of your world, the great limitless fuel that powers your every moment, from the smallest atomic building block to your mass civilizations. Always, always, it seeks to bring into actuality those events that will be of greatest benefit to those involved.

Divine Grace manifests most clearly on your plane as respect. What is respect? Respect is when you allow all others the right to ride their own Divine Grace as they see fit, understanding that you each live in a cocoon of your own creation, a highly private yet publicly shared existence in which each individual, pursuing his/her own greatest fulfillment, automatically and unconsciously contributes to the advancement of the species and planet as a whole.

Respect, then, is when you allow all others of your species, and all others of all species, their private place, time and path. Respect allows no place to coercion, force or violence against another. Respect is an intuitive acknowledgment of the uniqueness of each individual, each species, each form physical matter can take, a deep understanding of the greater cooperation that underlies your world, as each species and individual contributes its unique perspective, its private experience, to the shared venture on which you have embarked.

Respect is how Divine Grace manifests itself in your world. When you respect another, you recognize and acknowledge the Divine Grace within the other, understanding that it is not necessary for him or her to follow your footsteps in order to reach greatest fulfillment.

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