The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Ten issues of Ask Alexander were published from 2009 to 2012, in which Alexander answered questions from readers on a multitude of topics. Please review the list below to find topics of interest to you.

Index of Issues

Issue No. 10

Risks of WiFi Internet
Deathbed Vision
Time Beyond Time
Buddha and Reincarnation
The Wisdom of Babies
Magical Thinking
Bodily Consciousness
Cleansing the Channels
Sympathetic Headaches
The List of Enlightenment
Source Beyond the Source

Issue No. 9

Paternal Sacrifice and Karma
Religion and Society
Free Energy Machines
The Post-Death Journey
To the Source and Beyond
DNA and the Higher Self
Marine Cloud Brightening
Native Americans
A Celestial Warning

Issue No. 8

Developing Psychic Abilities
Free Will
Seth Redux?
Twin Flames
Universal Art
Psychotropic Plant Guides
Source of Creativity
The Meaning of Life

Issue No. 7

Fantasy and Probability
Love, Doggy Style
Celibacy & Spiritual Growth
The Ultimate Objective Truth
Petri Dish Probabilities
Abuse and Compassion
Spirit Release Work, Part II
Reincarnation, Doggy Style
Aligning with your Life Path
The Venus Project
Karma and the Holocaust
Free Choice: Comforting Illusion?
The Purpose of Human Life
The Standard Oil Explanation
Opening Portals to the Future
Genetic Engineering & Energetic Blueprints
Primal Cells, the Final Frontier

Issue No. 6

How to Manifest Thoughts
Primal Cells
Sexual Repression and Spiritual Growth
Probable Selves' Post-Death Development
Thoughts and Electrical Impulses
Maximum Life Span
Prayer and All That Is
Probable Human-Animal Hybrids
Ego Awareness
The Law of Attraction

Issue No. 5

Dementia & Brain Disease
Time Travel
Healing & Social Fears
Indispensable Historical Figures
Money's Symbolic Meaning
Bacterial Resistance
Personality and Reincarnation
Global Warming—Southern Europe
Hypnotic Regression and “Life Between Life”
Global Electrification
Finding One's True Calling

Issue No. 4

Possession by “Dark Force Entities”
Astral Bodies
Political Spectrum Templates
Romance vs. Enlightenment
Mass Events and Probabilities
Electrification of the Earth

Issue No. 3

Stonehenge/Ancient Stone Circles
Probable Selves/Higher Self
Déjà Vu
Human Evolution
Global Warming—The Netherlands

Issue No. 2

Global Warming—Malaysia
Global Warming—Energy Technology
President Obama, Star Child?
Energy Vortexes
Human Evolution
Second Coming of Christ
EMDR Psychotherapy Techniques
Photon Belt Phenomenon

Issue No. 1

Crop Circles
After-death Experience
Brain Wiring
Probable Events
Earth Energies and Global Warming
Emotional Suppression