The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Issue No. 1

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Q: Please comment on crop circles, with respect to their origin, significance, the meaning of the patterns, and any other aspect of the phenomenon that would be helpful to us. (R.L.)
A: First, let us disabuse you of the notion that “aliens” are involved in the creation of crop circles. Aliens have better things to do, for one thing, and for another it insults your host planet, your wondrous globe, to suggest that it only an extraterrestrial intelligence can fashion patterns of such exquisite beauty and complexity. Look around you! Does not Mother Earth flourish her creative genius everywhere you look?

Let us further disabuse you of several other notions. One is that crop circles are a unique and recent phenomenon, unprecedented and unparalleled. Your awareness of them may be recent, but as a phenomenon they are ancient. And again, don't insult your Mother Earth by waxing rhapsodic over their evocative patterns; their patterns are actually rather elementary by Mother Nature's standards. Further, they are not designed to draw human attention, to carry coded messages, or to herald a new age of enlightenment.

So what are they?

Crop circles are a subset of a larger phenomenon which is expressed everywhere in nature, including your bodies: the crystallization, distillation, and localization of fields and patterns of energy which must be discharged from a field or body for its health's sake. In human terms, it is the eruption of pustules on the skin when infected by measles or chicken pox; or the adolescent eruption of acne. It is a concentration, a narrowly focused release, of disharmonious or harmful elements, discharged through concentrated “points” on the skin.

Similar phenomena in nature include localized brown or black spots on plants suffering from disease; areas where plant life grows either with wild vigor or not at all, in contrast to surrounding vegetation; lightning flashing in an electrical storm; earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The overarching principle is of concentrating, localizing, and releasing imbalanced or toxic energies through “points” rather than through a broad dispersal.

You have probably never given it any thought, but why should measles or chicken pox produce discrete pustules, rather than turning the skin a uniform sickly pink? Why do plants' leaves turn brown in spots, instead of a uniform discoloration? The reason is that organisms seek to surround isolated spots of toxicity with healthy tissue. Once the immune system has gained the upper hand, it launches its counterattack from the healthy tissue, surrounding, neutralizing, and dispersing the points of toxicity.

Back to crop circles: They are simply one manifestation, albeit a breathtaking one, of a natural process of concentrating disharmonious energy into localized “points,” which are then dissolved and released. They are “land lightning”: like lightning, they concentrate and disperse fields of ominously unbalanced electrical and magnetic energy. These imbalances have always occurred—always will occur—so you need not assign the blame (for once) to human abuse of nature; nor to the larger challenges of human society at this critical point. In other words, there are no specific coded “messages” for humankind embedded in the circles, however evocative they may appear.

Crop circles are created by a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy in a localized field. This burst temporarily but powerfully intensifies the gravitational pull in the field. Because these energies are cyclical rather than linear, they tend to pull the plant stalks downward in a circular, sweeping pattern rather than flattening them. If the patterns are evocative, so are snowflakes'; and just as randomly formed. That is to say, the earth is not “deciding” which pattern to put into which field; there is a burst of energy which filters through the bedrock and soil of a given field; and out of this relationship, a pattern forms.

We therefore offer the least romantic of all explanations for crop circles: they are earth pimples.

We might also emphasize, again, that oohing and aahing over crop circles is a distraction from the larger task you face in your age: to appreciate the extraordinary complexity of nature everywhere, the wild genius of nature everywhere, the miraculous patterns and complexities of life everywhere. If crop circles resonate with you deeply—if their patterns evoke a deep “knowingness” within—it is only because their rather crude patterns reflect the deeper, richer patterns which underlie the universe, the earth, and your body.

Q: In the last two decades the social phenomena of transgenderism has received much attention. Many young people are changing gender, some at a young age. A growing number of these are opting for sexual reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. Others are adopting aspects of the dress of the opposite gender without changing their gender identification. How does these facts fit into the cultural changes you have discussed and what advice would you give to those who identify with the opposite gender? (L.S.)
A: Several principles we have explored in earlier material come into play here. One is that every living system contains “disruptive” elements designed to disturb stasis and equilibrium. Their purpose is to constantly force the larger organism to adapt to such disruption, thereby enhancing its viability and endurance. Every day your body produces cancer cells as a way of disrupting its “healthy” equilibrium; this disruption- equilibrium dynamic keeps the immune system “on its toes,” enhancing its vitality and ability to cope with challenges to your health.

A second principle—or, rather, phenomenon—is that of homosexuality. We have elsewhere explored how homosexuality serves as a mirror for society, reflecting back any distortions or imbalances in the realm of gender and sexuality. For example, a society with rigid sex roles will find male homosexuals acting out an exaggerated femininity, while lesbians assume a caricature of macho masculinity; as a way of reflecting back to society the unhealthy imbalance in its gender roles.

So it is with transgender individuals, who should best be considered as a separate “class” from homosexuals. Homosexuals may act out an exaggerated version of the other gender, but they rarely wish to become the other gender. Trasngenders, on the other hand, feel they were born into the wrong body; a boy in a girl's body or vice versa. Theirs is a crisis of gender identity rather than sexual orientation.

With the understanding that the higher self establishes the parameters of each lifetime before birth, it is no “accident” when a child finds himself or herself longing for a body of the other gender. As always, what serves a personal purpose also serves a larger societal purpose. In this case, the personal purpose is total immersion in issues of gender identity and sexuality; even more so than homosexuals experience. The larger societal purpose is, as with homosexuality, to reflect back any distortions or imbalances in the realm of gender and sexuality; to test the boundaries of tolerance and acceptance, familial and societal.

Returning to the questions, as transgenderism has always existed, its rise in awareness now reflects not so much a cultural shift, but simply a greater openness and tolerance among society toward “gender deviance,” coupled with sophisticated technology which allows the transformation (however imperfect) into the desired gender. Our advice to transgender individuals is to recognize that the higher self chose this challenge as the central crucible of growth and experience in this lifetime; to see it as the critical challenge of a life rather than the unwelcome and accidental result of a DNA misfire. As always, whenever the higher self sets up the core challenge of a lifetime, the question is: Can this lifetime find happiness?

Q: I hear many people say something like this: “I know Aunt Betty or Uncle Joe are up there watching us…” etc. From reading you and others my sense is that this material world is only seen and perceived by the senses we have. The feeling I have is that once we leave this earth, we will no longer be able to see it or see what's going on. (J.R.)
A: Your intuition is largely correct: once departed from the physical realm, and relieved of the limitations of the senses, those in spirit can access the earth realm only obliquely, if at all. There is good reason for this impermeable boundary: to protect those in flesh from the overt and incessant intrusions of spirit; and to encourage recently departed souls to move on in their spiritual journey, releasing the earthly realm.

Please understand that the transition to spirit does not mean the loss of senses; it means the transition to senses of a higher order. No longer are thoughts tightly bound up inside each skull; now they flow freely; the apperception of thought and consciousness becoming the principal sense. You perceive directly, no longer through symbol.

Chances are Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe have better things to do with their time than ogle their earthbound relatives; the bonds to earth loosen, the attractions of the realm of spirit leading them ever higher. This also ensures your privacy: you are not being observed through a one-way veil, but enjoy the sacred solitude of your earthly journey.

Q: You go into much detail in your books about the structure of the material Universe. I'm referring to the round 'axis' tubes which make up the very foundation of everything. My question is, when we move are these tubes moving or is it just the illusion of movement and in actuality, the 'tubes' are just changing mass and charge, etc. Similar to the movement of an image on a TV set...the millions of diode lights are changing color, etc. to give the illusion of movement. (J.R.)
A: The latter is correct: the “tubes” never move, but simply fill and empty with charge to create the illusion of movement.

Q: How reasonable is it to believe that loved ones and those we have interacted with in life will understand us better after they have passed on? (N.N.)
A: Please understand that the process is mutual: to the extent that residue of relationships is retained in the spirit realm, naturally the expanded awareness that realm affords floods light and understanding onto a relationship. It is like talking with your parents, in adulthood, about what happened in your childhood: you bring a heightened insight and awareness into those discussions that escaped you as a child.

At the level of spirit, that heightened awareness will include a much richer field of information than that presently available to your ego. That is, your higher selves' life plans, any reincarnational or karmic ties, and larger social and cultural issues, will all be “on the table” when it comes to analyzing the experiences forged in relationship. But all this comes into play only if there is strong residue from the lifetime: either an intense, passionate love; or the karmic bonds born of abuse or torment. Absent these bonds, the souls involved with have little need or incentive to hash out what transpired on earth, which rapidly recedes as a realm of interest.

Q: To follow up on Alexander's many writings about the human brain, I wonder why we're wired so that the right hemisphere of our brain receives messages mostly, but not completely, from the left side of our body, and vice versa. Our eyes have a similar split field/reversed laterality wiring pattern. Is there an energetic or spiritual significance to this design feature, or bug? (R.L.)
A: No, there is no special spiritual significance to the body's design; that design arises from more primitive life forms, with limitations imposed by archaic and vestigial form and function. (Please note: we do not endorse the theory of evolution with that statement.) To focus on the eyes, so to speak, it is not wholly accurate to say that incoming visual stimuli are shuttled to the cross-lateral half of the brain; that the left eye sends all its data to the right visual cortex and vice versa. Instead, each eye sends the left portion of its visual data (which is light waves coming from the right of the perceived scene) to the left visual cortex, and vice versa. This design allows you to see in three dimensions; for the left half of each eye's visual data is blended just behind the retinas, then shunted to the left visual cortex. By blending the slightly disparate visual data beheld by both eyes, a stronger, clearer “picture” of the left visual field is produced; which, when blended with its complementary right visual field data, produces depth perception and heightened clarity.

In fact, then, the “left” portion of the visual field beheld by both eyes ends up in the left visual cortex and vice versa; there is no rigid cross-lateral transmission of sensory data. As for the brain and body as a whole, the same applies. The design and wiring of the human body arise from more primitive life forms; there is no spiritual significance to cross-lateral wiring.

Q: You have talked of the coordinate, the vibrational settings located in our spine that set our range of potential development. Are these settings related to the chakras, and if so, how? (R.L)
A: The coordinate, meaning the vibrational “axis” embedded in the spine, differs from the chakras in that the coordinate carries a steady flow of decelerating energy; whereas the chakra concept posits distinct “points” of energy along the spine. Both express the fact that energy flows from crown to pelvis and that it decelerates as it flows to energize “lower” bodily functions: from spirit to sex. The “coordinate” concept depicts the energy flow more accurately than the chakra concept; energy does not flow in fits and starts, but steadily, even as it decelerates. Chakras are symbols, designed to convey the concept of energy decelerating down the spine; assigning them colors may enhance comprehension, but at the cost of a true understanding.

Q: Re: Infinite Probable Worlds—What is the criteria that determines when reality veers off into another time line? 1) for every decision point that comes into your mind? or 2) just for those decisions that you might actually act on? (N.N.)
A: The latter—for thought and action carry different energetic and vibrational essences. Thought is of a higher essence, and manifested action is of a lower, denser essence. Recognize, also, that not every physical action you take spins you off into a different realm of existence. But significant decisions—whether to graduate from high school or college, to marry, to have children, to commit a crime, to move to another area, etc.—these significant decision points will shuttle you onto distinct “tracks” of experience, while the paths not taken spawn their own lines of experience, subtly sensed but not fully realized by you.
Q: Does one ever experience the life paths that result from actions that were never taken in the present life?
A: Your probable selves experience those life paths, and in their terms their experiences are just as valid as yours, meaning they contribute an equally valuable store of experience to your higher self. While you are alive, you might subtly sense the experiences your probable selves undergo, and in the dream state you, at times, share life experiences with them. Upon releasing physical form, during the life review conducted by higher entities, your experiences will be “bundled” with those of probable selves to illustrate the consequences of actions taken or not taken. The primary emphasis during the life review of course, is on the paths taken, manifested by you; while the probable experiences serve only as backup ancillary material.

Q: Drunvalo Melchizedek is representing the Mayan Elders of 440 tribes throughout Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. He has stated that according to their prophecies, the following events have occurred or will occur. Can Alexander please comment on this.
1. We have already entered a 7 year window during which time their will be a physical pole shift, accompanied by widespread destruction. Richter scale 10++.
2. Anyone who is in their “heart” as opposed to their head will not be injured.
3. Earth's consciousness has already set up a grid of intersecting energy lines around the world which support all actions toward higher conscious[ness]. Prior to this time there would have been more resistance to these actions. (N.N.)

A: A giant “WARNING” sign should flash in your head when a self–styled “spiritual leader” evokes fear and threats of destruction, pinned to specific dates, as a way of drawing attention to himself. (One should regard the self–appointed “prophets” of 2012 with similar skepticism.) The question is whether any valid trends underlie the fear-mongering.

Look back over the past 150 years and consider the extraordinary technological innovation of the modern age. Nothing in human history comes close. Consider also the extraordinary social progress over that period: slavery has been abolished; women given equal status; minorities raised to full citizenship and liberty; even, in more enlightened principalities, gay marriage. These technological and cultural trends bespeak a rapid acceleration of energies underlying the earth; for humankind rides those energies and its progress is hitched to them.

While accelerating earth energies result, in part, from a greater cosmic pattern of acceleration and deceleration over eons, the earth is stimulating itself, so to speak, in order to accelerate the consciousness of the human species. The earth itself is not imperiled by human activity—it will continue to exist with or without two-legged creatures scampering about—but the richness and vitality of its ecosphere are indeed threatened by human activity. Accelerating its energies, and therefore the energies on which human society rides, is a way of accelerating the enlightenment, if you will, of its wildly reproducing “problem” species.

What would a more enlightened human society look like? It would look like human life 20,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 years ago: small tribes clustered amid flourishing wilderness; the difference being that some modern technology would be retained to link villages globally, and to generate power through natural means. The current human pattern—of nation-states pursuing economic growth at all costs—is unnatural and unsustainable. What is unnatural cannot stand. What is unsustainable cannot be sustained. The entire foundation of modern civilization is both unnatural and unsustainable—therefore, it must crumble. That can happen either through conscious and deliberate dismantling by an enlightened populace, or through calamitous events thrust upon myopic hardheads. Take your pick. As matters stand now, the latter path appears more probable.

Thus, there will be and must be events of increasingly severity and calamity to (a) sunder nation-states and restore tribal living, albeit with some global connectivity retained; (b) deprive humankind's burgeoning numbers of food and water; (c) break the grip of humankind's most beloved invention—money and economic development. A positive future lies beyond the period of calamity: a humankind restored to its proper place as one species among millions.

There are ways to ensure a relatively stress-free ride through the coming period of transition (most of which probably lies beyond your lifetime); the closer you get to living in a small community self- supportive in food and power generation, the better off you will be. Specific areas of the globe likely to afford a smoother transition are outlined in Spirit Wisdom II.

(By the way, you note the hysteria, the mindless, spittle-spewing madness of the right wing in your political sphere. This is another indicator of the accelerating earth energies: for the world to which they cling is rapidly being torn from them, and they react with panic, hysteria, and rising madness. To the extent they force the social discussion their way [or, worse, take the reins of power], they inhibit rational discussion and social enlightenment, ensuring a more painful and calamitous transition.)

Q: We understand that it is not healthy to suppress our emotions. However, if we continually create our reality with our thoughts, feelings, and words, when we end up verbally expressing those feelings, aren't we then creating more of the same situations in our future? (L.A.)
A: No, not necessarily. You are giving undue weight to physically expressed thoughts and slighting the power of pure thought. As an example, if you are very angry at someone, but withhold that anger out of a desire to never express “negative” emotions, that bottled-up anger spews more “anger” energy into the atmosphere than if you had simply blurted out, then released, the anger.

Your life is the nexus point of infinite streams of probable potential. Your thoughts and actions tend to energize those probable streams of similar energetic quality (we say “tend to” because the relationship is not absolute or mathematical; too many other factors come into play). You may have a thought you have never expressed verbally—“I am unworthy of love” (indeed, it may never even have surfaced consciously)—but that thought lies at the root of your belief hierarchy and colors every other thought. That root belief then has more magnetic force over your life's flow of events than any spoken word or materialized action.

If anger or any other “negative” emotion recurs again and again, it is time to examine its source, as it likely is influencing the flow of life events. But an occasional outburst is far healthier than bottled-up, repressed anger which then energizes probable “anger” events.

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