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The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Issue No. 10

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Q: I just received a wireless modem from my provider so I can get a higher internet speed! However in your answer about dementia you put wireless internet in the category of electromagnetic influences to consider before allowing it into your “field.” I know that the results of some studies suggests that wifi and mobile phone radiation may stunt the growth of young plants but these results are questioned and not supported. So the obvious question is why you put wireless internet in the “to consider” category, what do you have against wireless internet? You also mentioned the Noosphere but I got the impression that the Noosphere “is” wireless. (W.B.)
A: We have nothing against wireless internet per se; our host sits before a wifi‑enabled laptop (though he prudently disables the antenna when not in use!). Our point is to encourage you to consider the effects of bombarding your body with a plethora of radiation frequencies to which the human body was never designed to be exposed. Then consider the rise of “civilized” diseases like cancer and heart disease, hardly known in the aboriginal world. Cancer especially, the mutation of previously healthy cells into malignant enemies of the host body, is a fine metaphor for the modern world; for a race that develops foods, chemicals, and technology damaging to its own health.

We offer no blanket proscription against wireless internet use; simply an awareness of the soup of radiation in which you daily swim; and suggest you take steps to minimize that radiation whenever possible. Carry your cell phone in a briefcase or daypack, for example, rather than in a pocket against your skin; and disable the wireless antenna when not online.

Q: On Steve Jobs's deathbed, as related by his sister who was there, Jobs's last utterance was, “Wow, oh wow, oh wow!” Alexander, do you have any inkling of what Jobs was seeing? (A.W.)
A: One would expect a visionary to die seeing one final vision, no? We have written elsewhere of the “drama” that may be staged at death, where loved ones, religious figures key to one's faith, etc., appear to assemble to welcome a passing soul. In the case of a brilliant visionary, who might see right through such a staging, or be bored by it, a more elaborate hallucination of light, color, sound, and symbol would be more attractive; akin to the efflorescing visions of mystics. To directly answer your question: no, we don't know what Jobs was seeing.

Q: I understand that time exists in our physical universe but not outside it in the realm where the higher self exists. Yet there seems to be something time-like there, in the sense that entities develop rather than remain static. (For example, this quote from issue #9: “if in our continuing development we discover a Meta-Source beyond the Source, we will send back a postcard!”) Can you say anything about this seemingly time-like quality that will make it clearer to me? (R.A.)
A: Consider water flowing through a pipe. At its end the pipe forks into two outlets. Each outlet may be fully open, partially open, or completely closed. As one outlet closes, the flow of water shifts to the other; and vice versa.

This is how space-time operates: a given event—a matrix of energy—may be expressed mostly in time and slightly in space; in equal intensities of time and space; or mostly in space and slightly in time. Space and time are the root parameters of the physical dimension, the outlets through which events flow. The reason that events are regulated in their expression, trickling into time and space, is that your nervous systems could not handle the sudden arrival of an “event matrix” all at once. You can perceive and process only “so much” at a time; so events feed gradually into the physical dimension.

Outside the physical dimension, events still “unfold” and express, but differently. Space exists “here” also, but on a massive scale. There being no physical creatures, no entity here suffers limitations on the reach of its explorations. Instead there is a sense of boundless expanse, limitless extension. Within this vast “space” are varying frequencies or tonal qualities that mark various regions. These frequencies reflect the nature of the entities and their work in a given region. An entity “grows” or “develops” by extending—flowing, really—into a new region, absorbing the extant knowledge of the entities there (to the limitations of the inquiring entity); adding a new tonal quality to its range of frequencies.

This process is often directed by overseers; that is, a given entity may be “studying” under a master entity which directs the process of information acquisition in accordance with the growth plan of the acquiring entity.

Now, to return to your point, while this process plays out in a “space” of sorts—though it has no edges or physical laws, being more of a boundless forever—time as you know it plays no role. Just as the space involved has a sense of deep infinity, so is there an expansive “Now” moment in which all events are both potential and manifest; aborning and maturing; ideation and completion.

We are reaching the limits of language, and your ability to crawl out of your neurological wiring and expand your awareness to absorb what we struggle to express. Perhaps you have known moments of sudden inspiration when an entire complex idea—for a project, a song, a book—was “there” in an instant, fully formed. Such moments are oblique insinuations of the dimension of which we speak, in which an infinitely expansive “Now” moment contains both all potential and all fulfillment.

Q: After reading your material I am wondering: If everyone “starts fresh each lifetime,” how does an old soul become old? And along the same lines: When you say that “the unique ego with its unique life history will not return to Earth” would that mean the Buddha (who recounted hundreds of past lives) was actually tapping into the awareness of his higher self? And further, would it be more accurate to say that he became the higher self? (J.S.)
A: First let us clarify that our model of reincarnation does not posit a single soul recycling from body to body, lifetime after lifetime. This is not to say that the learning gleaned in a given lifetime, or karmic braids incurred, may not be embedded in the matrix of a soul moving toward incarnation. No one is born a blank slate. But the root identity, the blend of soul qualities, the “set point” on various spectra, the higher self's intentions, the personality, etc., are unique for each incarnation.

An “old soul” is one which carries the memory traces and learnings of a sequence of souls, without being the actual reincarnation of those souls. Just as a wise old man has seen, done, or heard just about everything, with the impetuous passions of youth mellowed to gentle wisdom; so an old soul carries the memory traces of young and mid-aged souls, fostering a mellow, tolerant, wise personality immune to the strivings, the graspings, the gropings, the ambitions of younger souls.

Buddha, as an enlightened being, had direct recall of the soul traces embedded within his personality matrix. That does not mean he was those individuals, rather that their growth and development, from baby soul to old soul, coupled with his pursuit of enlightenment, allowed him to transcend the limitations of the flesh and achieve realization while in human form.

Q: I am a neonatal ICU nurse, though it has been a challenge, to say the least, working within such a traditional system for so many years. I do so like being around babies, sick or well. When working night shift, I sing to them (I can sing), play carefully selected music and at times talk to the soul of that wee one. I whisper in the babe's ear that it is so dearly loved no matter what path it has chosen and to remember who it really is, knowing the veil of forgetfulness will soon be in place. There are some babies who astound me with their awareness in recent years. Am I imagining this? In many dire situations such as drug-addicted babies, is there more that I could be doing besides the conventional treatment? Does the energy that I am make a difference? From your perspective, why are there more and more premature babies being born? Thank you for your answer. (C.)
A: Perhaps our readers have had the experience of meeting a baby's eyes and, just for a flash, making a profound connection with the being behind the drool; as if a wise old soul were peering out through its eyes. As our correspondent notes, soon the veil of amnesia will draw closed and the baby's awareness of its true nature will fade.

In one of our books is an essay about the rise of Savages and Starbabies—souls on either pole of the spectrum of consciousness—and the reasons for their prominence in present times. It may be that your ward is blessed with a healthy proportion of Starbabies, peering at you from heads swimming in the stars. Nurture them well, for such are the seeds of a brighter tomorrow.

Drug-addicted babies are born with scrambled wiring—neurological, biological, and energetic. They struggle because so little makes sense; information is filtered through damaged neuronal channels. If you are not already doing so, massage is highly beneficial, especially along the spine, following the neuronal pathways from brain to waist, then to the feet. Always start at the head and gently run your thumbs along either side of the spine, then each thumb down one leg simultaneously, being sure to vigorously massage the soles of the feet for 10 or 15 seconds. This mirrors the flow of neuronal impulse from brain to body, and will help to restore proper neuronal functioning.

As to why more and more premature babies are being born, see our previous answer about wireless internet!

Q: I am interested in what superstition really means in human thinking. Is it just a logical error of primitive people (man becomes irrational when he can't explain the rational), or mere compensation in situation of uncertainty (man adopts magical thinking when he feels insecure)? Or does magical thinking mean some kind of tapping in deeper truths and wisdom like interconnectedness of the universe, due to which one symbolical phenomenon (e.g. playing cards) mirrors another one (human life)? (R.G.)
A: Let's just say the search for a Grand Unified Theory started early. It is the nature of human consciousness to search for connections, relationships, sympathies, among various phenomena of nature. That is because behind the manifest universe lies a deeper reality, a realm of consciousness in which precisely those networks of connection and relationship do exist. As discussed in a previous answer, the realm of consciousness operates on tonal values, frequencies, with sympathetic fields naturally attracting and blending. “Like attracts like” is a fundamental principle, then.

What applies freely in the realm of consciousness may not, however, carry over into physical reality. To some extent the principle of sympathetic resonance is reflected in the physical system, but in much diluted potency. If a witch doctor puts a curse on someone, that negative energy may find its target, but is impotent to induce harm unless the targeted individual already suffers a compromised immune system; in which case but the slightest effect will be felt.

We have written elsewhere that the purpose of a camouflage physical system such as yours is the privacy and primacy of your experience: no one can read your thoughts. Such a system is “tuned” to ensure the integrity and inviolability of the individual mind/body matrix, meaning it is largely immune from the thoughts of others. Imagine if it were otherwise, and a wish to inflict harm on another was quickly followed with actual harm. The human race would destroy itself in minutes.

Belief in magical thinking, therefore, reflects an awareness of how reality works “on the other side,” and a desire to command the power to impose one's will on others. Children and aboriginal peoples—who have yet to learn to distrust their intuition—are thus the main practitioners of the “dark” arts.

Q: I have perhaps a complex question about consciousness and our body. In your book Conscious Life you describe the Source as the creator and organizer of all consciousness. This must include the consciousness of DNA. So in our body all material entities are a physicalized expression of consciousness and if I understand correctly this is all part of the electromagnetic blueprint coming from our higher self. So my question is in the process of creating an electromagnetic blueprint for the first time, who then “creates” the consciousness of DNA or organs, our higher self or the Source? Since it must be the Source how then is this accomplished? Does the Source simply participate? (W.B.)
A: First, let us make a clear distinction between “your” consciousness—meaning the focal point of identity and uniqueness that you would identify as “you”—and the consciousness of individual organs and systems within the body. “Your” consciousness is self-aware, active, receptive, fully engaged in the give-and-take of life.

Your cells, your organs, your DNA enjoy no such expansiveness, no such liberty of action. Their awareness is limited to sensing the spark of life animating the body, “realizing” their place within the larger system—though that realization allows for no independence—and feeling the flow of life vitality.

No one “creates” the consciousness of your body's systems. Consciousness cannot be created. It already exists, always and everywhere. A given cell, molecule, or organ, given its constituent elements, produces a “tone” or frequency. That frequency in turn attracts a sympathetic consciousness; or “taps into” a field of sympathetic consciousness.

When a species is established on the planet, the physical beings tap into a “twin” field of consciousness which animates and supports them. There is a generic “anteater” consciousness, a generic “capuchin monkey” consciousness, and so on; with DNA, bodily systems, and brain linked to the corresponding field of species consciousness. This has implications outside your question, such as new learning by one member of a species passing by diffusion—through the species-specific field of consciousness—to other members. Consider how discrete human populations around the world all passed through phases of development at roughly the same time—the various “Ages” of Man—and how civilization first arose in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and South America within a relatively brief span of time.

So the consciousness animating your cells and organs is a hybrid, really: the higher self pulses the body's blueprint into physical expression; the elements of that blueprint emit distinct tonal frequencies; those frequencies attract sympathetic strands of consciousness from the species-specific field. A fabric of frequencies and consciousness sustains each individual: holding you within the parameters of your species, but allowing your uniqueness to shine.

Q: What is the best habitual exercise to cleanse the soul & channels in preparation to receive? The best “meditation” to further encourage psychic attunement for receiving clear and useful information? The steps to follow to facilitate easier connection and strong communication with each meditation? (W.P.)
A: There is no best method applicable to everyone. All meditation systems aim at clearing the active mind, suppressing the ego, and forging a waking link with realms normally accessed only in sleep. Be careful not to “want” certain outcomes, such as “receiving clear and useful information.” You may or may not be set up for such a flow of insight. Don't cloud the process with egoic desire. Maintain a discipline of daily meditation and whatever potential lies within you will unfold.

Q: I have terrible headaches with barometric changes, earthquakes, power outages, storms, volcanic eruptions—what is best way to utilize this “gift” to help others? Best way to properly attune this ability? To make clear and reliable use of this info? What is the ultimate source and the best use of this info so it is not wasted? (W.P.)
A: If the imminence of these events triggers a headache, it means your body-mind channel is compromised or clouded. Your body is reacting violently, as if taking onto itself the energy released by the event. The first step, then, is to restore a clear, pure body-mind connection. The meditation suggested above will help. Once your awareness of impending events arises as a tingling awareness rather than pain, and when you can link those thoughts to events specific in time and place, you will have a useful gift to share with others.

Q: I know a wonderful, bright healer who teaches aura reading through all your senses. She maintains an “Enlightenment” list. This list is comprised of humans of all walks of life who she has determined, through reading the balance of their auric fields (no stuff), that they are enlightened. They may experience challenges etc., but because of their ability to maintain and live their frequency, debris does not become lodged in the energy field. She also teaches others to do what she does. Is it possible to read enlightenment in the aura or are there other factors in consciousness at work here? Is there a real value in the maintenance of such a list so that others can see what is possible for others? I feel that it is possible for one to get to the place that one experiences emotions, but are not ruled by them, that one can access and live the frequency while they are still in human form, but it seems to me that there is something beyond what is seen as total auric balance. Could you comment on this? (C.)
A: Those who can read auric fields can tell at a glance the relative physical, emotional, and spiritual health of an individual. Whether merely not allowing oneself to be controlled by emotions constitutes enlightenment would be a matter of debate. There are very, very few individuals, now or ever, who are or have been truly enlightened while in human form. It may be that your friend's list contains those individuals with relatively “clear” auric fields; old souls disinterested in the strivings and graspings of younger souls.

We would note that a truly enlightened individual would feel no emotion at all—for emotion arises from the frustration or fulfillment of desire; and the enlightened have no desires.

Q: From the last Q&A:
“From our perspective, there is nothing beyond the Source, or Universal Mind. If everything originates from the Source, what more could lie behind it? However, if in our continuing development we discover a Meta-Source beyond the Source, we will send back a postcard!”

From Conscious Life:
“The Source Itself is unknowable. No consciousness of any level or realm is broad and deep enough to fully apprehend and fathom the very Source of all Creation. Knowing this, knowing that at best we can perceive only fragments and hints of the greater Source from which the universe springs, we find Its tracings etched upon the fabric and design of your world.”

My questions are: If we cannot apprehend and fathom the Source, how is it that from your perspective there is nothing beyond the Source? It seems you would have to know all of the Source to know there is nothing beyond it. From where you are, what makes you say there is nothing beyond the Source? Is this a known fact at some levels of consciousness, or is it “as far as your perception has information about?” (A.H.)

A: This appears to be more a matter of semantics than metaphysics. It is like asking, “Where did God come from?” The Source, by our definition, is the ultimate Field of All Consciousness, in which all lesser systems are contained. By that definition, how could there be anything “beyond” that totality? If you suggest there could be something more beyond the Source, you have created a Meta-Source, but one which exists in words only, not in reality. Set the words aside and absorb the concept of a unitary field of consciousness which contains all smaller units of consciousness (including all universal systems). That we call the Source; and by definition nothing can lie beyond it.

Q: Understanding that you find Darwin's views to be absurd and lacking an understanding of intuitive cooperation and Divine Grace; is there anything to there being “some kind” of biological adaptation to the environment that happens that helps explain the variations within one particular race and the ones between the other races (of course, it's all one human race), like do variations occur because races migrate to different places and eventually evolve to adapt to their new environment? In other words, Is there a biological evolution that is a non-survival of the fittest? (T.W.)
A: We have written elsewhere precisely this: that “evolution,” meaning the suppression and activation of potentials held within a species' genome and field of consciousness, does occur. But evolution meaning the changing of reptiles into birds, and birds into mammals, and mammals leaping into the sea to become whales and dolphins, does not occur. You need only observe the differences in bodily qualities of Africans, Asians, and Native Americans, to see that adaptation to environment does occur and direct the course of development.