The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Issue No. 6

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Q: I have meditated for quite some time and became the “I AM” consciousness (a wall of light) and also became the blissful Void. I also had an out-of-body experience where I saw whatever I wanted, but when I came out of meditation that thing was not there. I am interested to know about instant manifestation. I understand from the “I AM” consciousness or Void one can manifest anything immediately just by intent. How exactly to do this? How to shape the Void to become what I want? I would like your help in clarifying the relation between Void and form and how exactly I can manifest anything from I AM consciousness or Void and lower its vibration so that anyone at a lower or physical level can perceive it. In meditation I am seeing things although not consistently, but I do not know how to lower its vibration or bring it to a physical level. I would like to manifest more consistently and bring it to this physical level. Please help me. (S.V.)
A: Congratulations on your experiences in meditation, which have demonstrated to you with undeniable validity how consciousness can direct and shape itself into any form or object desired. This is a lesson many people spend a lifetime trying to master!

Your question asks how the objects or manifestations you realize in the meditative state can become physicalized such that others can perceive them. Here we are in the realm of Avatars, highly evolved souls with but the filmiest of membranes between matter and consciousness, allowing easy transference across that membrane. Imagine, for a moment, what would happen to your reality if everyone, or even a significant number of people, held this power. What a nightmare would soon manifest!

We can tell you literally how the process works, but that does not make it any more available to you. To materialize an object from the realm of consciousness, first the thought-blueprint must be “coated” or imbued with an electromagnetic quality (the quality that all physicalized objects share). (The astral plane, the busy nexus of souls approaching and departing life, has this quality so that souls become accustomed to the play of attraction-repulsion that undergirds the physical realm.) This electromagnetic “coating” is not so much a varnish as it is a tonal quality, a resonance—and we are here approaching the limits of language to express ourselves.

So the Avatar first imbues a thought-object with the tone or resonance of electromagnetic dynamism. This allows the thought-object to transfer across the thought/material membrane into physicality, meaning it attracts the “charge” that flows through primal cells, that “fills out” the object in space, that lowers its vibration to those bands of energy perceptible by your senses. Et voilĂ , the object appears.

That, in a nutshell, is how it is done; but, as we said, our explanation doesn't make it any easier to manifest! As mentioned, there are good reasons for keeping such powers under metaphorical lock and key! If you wish to pursue it, however, start with objects that are just barely physicalized, that etch mere traces upon your senses: a tendril of mist, a feeling of warmth on the skin, tones or voices in the ears. We wish you every success, but would encourage you not to enter the meditative state with an intent in mind as to what you wish to accomplish in a given session, but to clear your mind and allow the Universe to impress itself upon your receptive mind.

Q: My question is in two parts. 1. You describe the basic building blocks of the Universe as small “tubes” with rounded ends that hold vibration and charge and fill the whole Universe. (A very simplistic rendering of a very complex description you give in your books). But, the question is, does what our scientists call “String Theory” start to describe what you are talking about?

2. The description you give of rounded tubes with rounded ends laying side-by-side and end-to-end, leaves gaps between tubes....what fills these gaps? (J.R.)

A: 1. As we understand it, string theory remains in the realm of the theoretical as it has not been experimentally proven. In any event, the complex theoretical abstractions—involving 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional, and 11-dimensional elements—exist in the minds of physicists and mathematicians and cannot be conflated with our model as delineated in Conscious Life.

2. Two things can fill those gaps: tendrils of charge leaking outside a cell, especially where a strong charge fills the cell; or nothing, emptiness, void.

Q: The description of the primal cells and primal pulse is very helpful, but how does the Big Bang and the expanding universe fit in? The universe we see seems much more chaotic and random than the orderly description of the primal pulse. Is the universe we see just some gigantic special effect to keep us focused on the camouflage reality or does all that space and swirling galaxies play some role in our reality? (A.H.)
A: You have really asked two questions, which we will address in turn. First, if you are familiar with our work, you know that we do not endorse the Big Bang theory, so we can't address your question directly.

At the level of the primal pulse—those pockets of vibration lying snugly side by side and end to end, receiving and relaying pulsation with smooth efficiency—the universe indeed seems an orderly place. But you need not turn your gaze to the heavens to discern chaos, yes? A car crash, a thundering waterfall, an earthquake, a plane crash, a hurricane—all these are mediated and expressed by the agency of those efficient little primal cells.

So while the universe may appear to be expanding—and every scientific instrument and equation insists that it is—it isn't, it can't, because the field of primal cells is not expanding. What you are viewing and measuring is simply movement of pulsation along strings of primal cells—just as you watch a car or train move away from you. Great cataclysmic forces are at work in the universe—your spinning, tilting, storming planet tastes just a tiny scrap of it—and it is not surprising that massive movements of energy are observed. The conclusion drawn from these observations—that the universe is expanding as a result of a theoretical Big Bang—is one with which we disagree.

Q: Would it be a fair approximation to characterize the relationship of the greater entity and its focus personalities, as regards this reality, as the greater entity being a volunteer and the focus personalities being draftees (to borrow military terms)? (L.G.)
A: No, because both draftees and volunteers end up doing the same work. Further, a volunteer acts from volition, a draftee from force of law. No such distinction is found in the realm of consciousness, whence arise greater entities and their personality-branches.

Q: In Whatever Happened To Divine Grace?, you said that sexual expression is our most divine act, to be cherished, enjoyed, explored, and celebrated. Would you say that fearful and repressive views of sex can hinder our spiritual growth? (Trinity Wells)
A: It depends on the tasks established for a lifetime, through which spiritual growth is to be gleaned. In other words, sexuality may or may not serve as a crucible for spiritual growth, depending on the life tasks and themes established beforehand.

A lifetime spent as a nun or monk, in quiet contemplation and avoidance of sensuality, may enhance, rather than hinder, spiritual growth. A playboy who pursues sexual pleasure suffers no hindrance to his carnality, but by shunning emotional commitment may stunt his spiritual growth. So there is no hard and fast rule by which the exuberant embrace, or fearful repression, of sexuality affects spiritual growth in a given lifetime.

Q: How do the individualized spirits within our probable selves continue on differently than our own individualized soul, after we have died? How does each individualized soul within our greater entity continue on and develop differently from each other? (T.W.)
A: First, let's clarify: you say “individualized spirits within our probable selves”; we would underscore that these are not distinct entities: a probable self is an individualized spirit. That may be what you meant.

Because each probable self experiences a lifetime just as richly fleshed out as your experienced lifetime, there is no difference in the way all such probable selves “carry on” after releasing physical life. They all imprint the totality of life experience onto the universal ledger upon death, and then move on to higher adventures in the realm of consciousness.

As to your second question, each probable self maintains a discrete track of experience because its core vibration marries it to a distinct probable world. Further, because the greater entity's goal is to maximize its experience of given life themes, it implants varying potentials within each probable lifetime, the better to gather a broader, richer field of experience.

Q: I have questions about something called cell signaling and our electromagnetic blueprint. In the brain our personality, thoughts and emotions are “reflected” by activity in different networks of nerve cells and cell signaling. This nerve cell activity takes the form of electrical impulses which are transmitted by electrochemical signaling. When you say that our thoughts gain an electromagnetic reality in our nervous system, that attracts events to us, do you mean those electrical impulses in the nerve cells? Further, do our thoughts and beliefs arrive at and are perceived by our cells by means of specialized cell signaling? (W.B.)
A: Thoughts and beliefs gain an electromagnetic reality through patterns of electrical impulses coursing through the nervous system; through triggers of association based on life experience; and through clusters of mutually reinforcing belief. All of these are mediated through the “electrical impulses in the nerve cells,” as you put it. We would not confuse the model with “specialized cell signaling,” as being above and beyond the electrochemical networks through which thought is expressed.

Q: Did our Earth's ancestors—such as those who lived in biblical times, or even in Atlantis, if such a place actually existed—live for hundreds of years, and if so, what are the biological differences between our earlier lineage and current human conditions that are keeping us from a healthy extension of life span? (L.A.)
A: No. Any account, biblical or otherwise, that speaks of lifetimes stretching over hundreds of years suffers from confused translation. The potential human life span, of around 100 years, has not varied over time.

Q: If God is “All-That-Is” and we are part of Him, is it right then to speak to Him (e.g. in a prayer) as to a person? (R.G.)
A: Following your scheme, why would you speak to yourself in prayer? Do your cells pray to you? There are methods for accessing deeper levels of being, meditation primary among them, but prayer, petition—which implies two discrete entities, the smaller entreating the greater—is not among them. When you truly feel yourself a part of All That Is, you will nestle into the warm comfort of Its embrace, like a growing baby inside its mother.

Q: I was wondering that since there are infinite probable universes where all probabilities are expressed and brought to fruition in some form, then are there some universes where there are highly intelligent human and animal hybrids? For example, is there a probable universe with a cat/human version of me? (T.W.)
A: Realize first that “humans” as you know them are specific to certain narrow bands of probability. They can exist only in camouflage physical systems; in realms complex enough to offer a diversity of potential experience; in systems where the balance of light, atmospheric gases, warmth and cold, and plant life can support organismic life. There are beings in other realms who may share a similar consciousness—curiosity, rationality, memory, intentionality, spirituality—but you would not recognize them as human.

As a general rule, life forms are not “mixed and matched” between species as diverse as the human and feline families. Each family has its own discrete consciousness and reason for being. The system is set up biologically to ensure few such hybrids can exist; even distinct species of dogs, when mated, may not produce viable offspring. The universe does not “play around” with interspecies combinations; life is dynamic enough already with each species keeping its gene pool to itself!

Q: I read an article in the paper today that stated that a suicide bomber in Kandahar, Afghanistan, attempted to assassinate a government official, but succeeded instead in killing six children on their way to school. You have stated, “You reap what you sow in your thoughts.” Seth was forever intoning, “You get what you concentrate upon” and that your “expectations” draw events to you. And of course...in the history of the planet there has never been an accident of any kind. My question is...if intent and expectation matters and “you choose” your reality, why is it that so many children get killed when the killer intended to choose something else, and the children's thoughts and expectations had to do with boyfriends...not bombs? (K.Y.)
A: You address the ego-thoughts of the bomber and the children, not the intentions of their higher selves. On that level are such plans woven and executed with precision, however horrific and accidental it may appear to your ego-self.

Q: In Conscious Life, you wrote of re-creating your past through employing the tools of affirmation and visualization. A more edifying probability could be drawn down from its timeless bobbing beyond the primal pulse in the stead of a horrifying experienced event. You could then share your newly minted past with your friends: “Yes, but let me tell you about the happiest moment of my life...” Okay, suppose an enraged parent struck you, causing you to crash through a window...blinding you in one eye and leaving you with a disfiguring scar. Now, suppose you do everything just right...the body affirms with warm tingling that the new memories are accepted...What about the blindness? What about the scarring? Oh, and what about the astral biography (what Seth calls the “worldview”), which version is recorded forever there? (K.Y.)
A: You must, and do, operate within the parameters of the physical system. A limb, once severed, cannot be regrown, but damaged muscle or bone tissue can heal.

Your questions, if we may address you directly, all relate to the ego's outrage at the setup of the universe: that the ego does not hold omnipotent power to direct its life; that events seem to “happen to” it, mocking its imagined omnipotence; that you cannot wave a magic wand and rewrite history. If our material, if the Seth material, have not inspired a higher, broader perspective, perhaps further searching for a more compatible spiritual teacher would be in order.

Q: I just wanted to hear your input on an issue described by another nonphysical entity that is known to us physical Earthlings as Abraham, channeled through a lady named Esther Hicks.

I would like to know whether there is a basic validity to their central message, which is basically to find ways to feel good and raise one's vibration (they offer a variety of processes to do so, such as appreciating, meditating, focusing on what you do want), because by doing so you would align with Source energy and allow things that you have desired to flow into your life experience, since now you would be a vibrational match to them (being happy now to receive things that you think you needed to be happy).

I'm still reading through Conscious Life (it's a long book), but skipping to the end I noticed it was mainly focused on altering one's beliefs as a means to alter reality. Say I choose to make the decision that “no matter what happens today, I will focus on feeling good”; absent any true belief that this will attract all the things that I'd love to have (clarity, a strong intuition, loving relationships, a great job, etc.), could they still be attracted to me? To be clear, is there an objective reality to being happy and attracting situations that foster happiness, or is belief required as a bridge for the attraction and manifestation of happy situations to occur?

Also...I was wondering what the role of physical action is in all of this. I understand, at least with my level of belief in the law of attraction, that the perfect job probably won't just land in my lap and that I'll need to apply in person to some company. HOW do I find out where this company is? How can I learn to listen for intuitive guidance or something similar—or will the steps I need to take be obvious if I am fully aligned with my goal either in terms of my belief or my feeling good (the latter of which I am still not sure about)? It most likely will involve a combination of the law of attraction and action...but it's the informed action that I don't know how to recognize, and am worried that it may be necessary for me to believe that I am intuitive in the face of all my doubts of all these metaphysical teachings. That's why I wish there was an objective reality I could trust as I explained earlier. (P.B.)

A: As a rule we do not comment on the teachings of others, but we can address your questions in general. Once you finish Conscious Life, you should recognize that it is not enough to simply affirm good thoughts, to make yourself feel good, if your underlying beliefs (and they are often subconscious) will sabotage your efforts.

Further, one must consider the intentions of the higher self in setting up your lifetime. Those intentions can go one of three ways: 1) hindering your goals; 2) actively promoting your goals; 3) indifference to your goals.

Everybody would love to have what you would love to have—loving relationships, a great job, wealth, etc. It is not enough to slap a Panglossian smile on your face and expect all those things to fall into your lap. Other forces are at work—both biographical and ethereal—and while you can tap them to your benefit, you cannot force them to manifest your ego's dream lifetime. If it were so easy, why would anyone be here? What learning, what growth, would anyone derive from instant gratification?

Your life, every life, has a range of potential, embedded at birth, and your freedom, your power, is to navigate within that range to manifest its highest possible potential. There is always more available to you, yes, but not everything is available to you. Freedom to manifest a more satisfying life? Yes, always. Freedom to manifest everything you want? Only in the rarest of lifetimes. You are participating in a camouflage system for a reason: to learn, through slow and at times torturous accumulation of experience, the power and limits of mind and thought in creating reality.

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