The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

Over the years, the Alexander Material has been endorsed by luminaries
in the fields of metaphysics, research, and medicine. Here we present
a selection of what others have said about the Alexander Material.

“The collected teachings of Alexander contain the most accessible explanations of the mechanics of health, illness and life on this planet that I have yet encountered. The processes and techniques he first described 20 years ago are now being validated by modern scientific research, and suggest that he has presented a blueprint for ‘How it works’ that can be utilized by all of us.”

Eric Leskowitz, M.D., Harvard Medical School

“Over the decades of reading hundreds, probably thousands, of different examples of channeled material, I find Alexander's work…to be among the very finest I have ever come across. I am struck by the exceptional clarity, integrity, and meaningfulness of these communications.”

Jon Klimo, Ph.D., author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information
from Paranormal Sources

robert butts
Ramón Stevens with Robert F. Butts at the "hill house," Elmira, New York

Many readers have compared the Alexander Material to the Seth Material by Jane Roberts. Her husband and collaborator, Robert F. Butts, endorsed the Alexander Material and contributed the foreword to Earthly Cycles, in which he wrote:

“Alexander's subject matter is just too penetrating for any casual summation...Alexander gives fresh insights into what is probably the oldest, most basic set of questions we mortals struggle with: Who are we? Where did we come from? What purpose is there in our lives? Nice going in your excellent book, Alexander!”

Robert F. Butts

“Alexander's powerful, practical, and unique method of rewriting core beliefs with finely-honed personal affirmations and visualizations allows us to reach for the highest possibilities and pull them into existence. Using Alexander's daily recommended routine has helped me to break through my subconscious barriers and unleash fresh potential for enrichment, abundance, and spiritual renewal.”

Linda Sue Anderson, Founder of HolisticFuture.com

“Alexander's perspective on religion, science and politics is fresh, insightful, provocative…His manner varies from serious to wry, elegant to hip, elevated to irreverent.”

John White, author of Pole Shift and What is Enlightenment?

“Exceedingly well-presented with a great deal of provocative, insightful material.”

Brad Steiger, author of Revelation: The Divine Fire and One With the Light

“Fascinating and valuable…not only full of important wisdom, but entertaining as well.”

Willis Harman, (past) President, Institute of Noetic Sciences