The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

We speak to humanity yet we are not human. We are known by the name Alexander, yet this is a label affixed by our host, Ramón Stevens, to render us comfortably familiar. In truth we are beyond gender, beyond name, beyond human definition. We are spirit, a pool of consciousness beyond the space-time framework of your experience. Yet we carry vital memories of human life, of the struggles and triumphs marking human experience, for within our pool live the soul fragments of hundreds of human incarnations. These blended fragments form a rich treasury from which we draw when addressing ourselves to your personal and collective struggles toward happiness and fulfillment.

One soul fragment was a young widow raising her small children in an age of famine and ceaseless war, whose youngest child sprang from the seed of a brutal passing soldier. From this lifetime we learned tenacity: how an indomitable will, forged in fierce maternal love, stymied death's ceaseless threats to snatch away her beloved brood; and how love conquered even the shame and loathing engendered by the savage genesis of her youngest child.

A volatile but loving marriage taught one fragment the value of compromise and the rewards of tenaciously struggling to synthesize two disparate souls into a lasting marital union. Dishes and furniture may have flown, but beneath the daily tumult lay an unshakable commitment to, and respect for, one another. This commitment has served us well, for the husband in that lifetime is now the human host through whom we speak, while the wife remains a vital element of our pool of consciousness. It is this bond, forged millennia ago, that our present—admittedly unusual—relationship has arisen.

We have long since completed our earthly cycles, the lessons to be gained through animating offshoots of human, animal, and vegetative life. In our present environment we are both student and teacher. We study the larger systems of which human life on planet Earth is but a small fraction; we explore the creation and dynamics of entire universal systems, the one you know and others beyond your imagination. We are a teacher in your realm and others, guiding the denizens of diverse systems to a deeper comprehension of their realities, urging them to transcend the self-imposed limits of their sense and conscious minds; to become active creators of their experience. Our guidance ranges from subtle whispers echoing softly in the dream state to direct, open delivery of lessons in written and verbal form.

We have taken the latter course in your time because the threats to continued viability of the earth's ecosystems are so severe, while fragmentation and implosion of your society intensifies, all leading toward a potentially dark and brutish future—when that future could be so bright. For all your awareness of the breakdown of cultural, familial and ecological systems, few seem to grasp the underlying forces driving the juggernaut of destruction; for, as is true in any culture, the deepest, most fundamental values of a society are invisible, beyond questioning for they are never consciously recognized.

We speak with a deep respect for the struggle of being human. It is challenge enough simply to find personal fulfillment and happiness without worrying about the larger world and its travails. Yet you have chosen to participate in the unfolding drama of a world struggling through the death throes of an old culture and birth pangs of a new one, even as that transition makes forging a life of stable comfort still more difficult. We offer our words of guidance in the hope that they assist you, on both individual and collective levels, to ease the transition to a more conscious way of being.

[Excerpted from the Introduction to Spirit Wisdom]